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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 22, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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i'm dana perino with kimberly, bob beckle and greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 in new york city. this is "the 5". >> at 2:50 p.m. this afternoon the city of boston stopped for a moment of silence marking the first time the bomb exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon a week ago today. also today, mourners gathered for the first funeral for one of the bombing victims, crystal campbell who was laid to rest. there will be a memorial service tonight at boston university for 23-year-old graduate student lou ling ze. another memorial for martin richard and another later this
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week for mit police officer sean collier. all lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attack. prosecutors chornlged the suspect of one count of using a weapon of mass destruction and one count of malicious destruction of property. this as the white house says he will not be tried as an enemy combatant. we are going to you first, kimberly. there has been a lot of questions leading up to today's announcement from the administration that they will not charge him as an enemy combatant. does that matter this this case? >> they won't classify him. it does. it affects what certain rights and privileges he was afforded. there was a theory that he should be treated as an enemy combatant which means he is tried in a military court. but the administration decided not to proceed that way. it is not surprising how they handled other cases in the past. with this situation what happened is they have done the public safety exception and they started questioning. he is not able to give them verbal responses, but he is writing, so that is in
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response to questions. they are allowed to do it because how do you know there are not other bombs ? there were other bombs the night they were taken in, some detonated. so there are ideas there are other soft targets. that was confirmed in statements from some of the lawen -- lawen lawen -- law enforcement investigation agency. we will see if he was already mirandized or going to, but my thought is they are proceeding to the public safety exception. >> he could get the death penalty underfed rail law. >> but not in the state of massachusetts. they do not have the death penalty. the federal charges will trump and precede any of the state prosecution. those are what he is looking at. as an alternative life without the possibility of parole. even if he proceeded byway of the jury trial they could have that option in the penalty phase. my thoughts are he will through his representationwork d if the feds go for it, he will get life without possibility and go to florence, colorado
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to the supermax. >> what did you make of this announcement? from the white house podium, i would have pushed those questions to the fbi and the department of justice, but they decided to do it from the white house. >> i think the white house is there trying to figure out themselves how they handle this. they clearly -- look, let's put it this way. the fbi had an opportunity. they had the names of tamerlan. they investigated tamerlan and he was part of a big bomb plot. did the fbi fail? i would say they probably -- something sliped through the cracks for them. it wasn't their most shining moment. however, think about bush-cheney and think about obama administration. fbi under bush-cheney, would they have been -- would they have interrogated him? would they have brought him in and spent more time with tamerlan years ago in 2009 when they had his name on the list? when his name popped up on the list would they have gone after them, or was there pc stuff at work where the obama administration says, look, we are not going to go after him
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right now. he has been cleared. let's not take a look now and let's not follow him. my concern is the treatment of terror under obama is different than the treatment of terror under bush-cheney. obama doesn't want to call it terror. he wants to call it -- i don't know. >> the fort hood one was classified as workplace violence. i don't know if they would claim a do over on that one. greg, you talked about the fbi on saturday when we had our special show. as we have gone over the past two days, even this morning there was something that said that perhaps one of the airlines misspelled one of these characters' names. tsarnaev is not the easiest to spell. i can see how that mistake is made, but are we thought good enough to catch a type-o when we are looking for somebody the russians tell us to watch. >> it happens all the time when i try to get cable. gutfeld. gut field. i have a problem concentrating because i am so tired of seeing their faces. can we please -- we already
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know what these guys look like. we have seen enough of his face, of their faces. can we just stop? i see them more than the lady from the progressive auto commercials. i see them more than i see my family. can't we just show a pile of dog [explative]? >> maybe somebody who was not 24/7 glued to the tv. i know him. i saw him talking to the saudi national we are about to send back to saudi arabia. >> they agreed with you because they showed him again. >> why not see if there are links? >> the public found these guys in the first place. thank god we were all on video nonstop a day and a half. >> let's ask about the radicalization of these two young men who turn out to be terrorists. one of the things we talk
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about also is that their friends and family say these were just normal kids. however, there is reporting that the older brother was disruptive inside a mosque and was kicked out of a mosque. does the muslim community have some responsibility to flag people to say we are actually concerned about this individual? >> it would be nice if they did. i wouldn't hold my breath if they did. pc by the way, that's a ridiculous way to put that. the fbi dropped the ball. there is no question. you can't blame the obama administration for that. the other thing is i think the decision to prosecute this guy in boston is exactly right. the witnesses are there, the police who apprehended them are there. some people want to send them to gitmo, for goodness sakes. it is ridiculous. the enemy combatant thing, maybe i am wrong, but let's assume they fought that issue on a legal standpoint and it wasn't an enemy combatant. this is a clear cut case. let them prosecute the guy. he will get the death penalty
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or close and i don't know what that is. >> purgatory. >> yes, purgatory. i think this is the right decision to be made and everybody has done good job with the exception of the fbi. >> should the fbi be allowed to now go into mosques and wiretap and sur veil? >> no. >> why not? see i think this is is a great case for opening up that -- >> because if you have a sk month where there is -- mosque where there is significant suspicion, yes. >> how about in boston where the aman and that mosque which is about as strong a connection as you can get. >> one mosque he stood up and complained about what people said. i am not so sure that mosque was necessarily contributing to this. you can't go into houses of worship whether you like muslims or not. unless you have some evidence there is something going on in there, and we know in some cases that is true. the mosque has raised money
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and other things. >> we are missing the point here. if there is a group of people which is a subgroup of other people that sees the united states as enemy combatants, doesn't that make them enemy combatants? i am not talking muslims or mosques. i am talking about muslim supremacy movements that are essentially an army. the army is in the united states recruiting soldiers to wage war against the united states. the marathon is not a marathon. it is a battlefield. every soft target is a battlefield. therefore they are enemy combatants. any idiot can see this is an army that is being recruited now. if you can't see that you are a bozo. >> can i add to that? this magazine we have showed it before and here it is again. summer of 2010 "inspire magazine." if stuff like this doesn't prove that we are at war with terror, make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom. and they go through the ways to make the pressure cooker bomb these two bozos used.
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>> i like the rhyming. >> how about tracking down anyone that goes to this website? how about anyone who comments on this website? >> i actually think that is where the fbi might have some problems in terms of investigation and actually have more questions to answer. as they have gone through in hindsight through his websites, the mother says the fbi was on his tail the whole time and they should have known and even put up something called "the terrorist" on his youtube channel. take us to the investigation now. behind the scenes could they have acted alone? how many others could be involved? are they trying to track down those? >> dana, that's why it is important from a legal point of view to determine how they will proceed. they have an available opportunity to proceed under this public safety exception to say we have to prevent any other terror acts that might be occurring against soft targets because they had such a large amount of weapons and materials used to make these kind of bombs. was there anyone else involved? was there a co conspirator?
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was there anyway that was directing or influencing the terror that they had? it is important. we have a right to know that. the law will allow them to afford the opportunity to do that and prevent anything else going on. right now we don't know. that's why it is so important to talk. if he is smart he will give them everything he has whatsoever to prevent being put to death. >> can i speak on behalf of the other bozos and idiots in this? >> please do. >> i put that as a softball out there. one, clearly there are people in this country recruiting people for an army as greg points out. that's right. we should then try our best and i'm sure they do to try to trace those people down and apprehend them. in the meantime there are mosques that do not involve themselves in this. the other thing we have to consider right now is it is true. they are traced back to muslims. we may want to rethink now and
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say do we want to allow more muslim students into this country? stake two years, three years, four years from happening. >> that would be a huge step. after 2001 that dropped off dramatically. that does have impact. they have had some people come over to america, most people if they have to come to america they fall in love with it. if they decide to go back to their country they take that back, and then you might have something like -- even if it was failed, but the arab spring where people are fighting for freedom. i don't know if we have kept pace with the evolving. >> what is interesting too, a lot of this is taking place in a college town where you are actually going back to keg parties parties and smoking weed. that has to be different for a student to go back and realize one of those you were hanging out with was a terrorist. >> and he was a pot smoker before.
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that's how his mom got him into religion. too many girls and not enough marijuana. >> i want to hear that. >> the point i am trying to make is this part of a diverse fabric of college. you get your questionnaire for the dorm, is it okay to ask, are you all right with an extremist living in your midst? right now apparently he showed up and nobody really gave a damn. >> the whole university system. this kid did after this happened went to a party. that's amazing. >> what is the over or under this scum bag will get marriage proposals from women who have seen this? >> i refuse to call him a kid. if you are 18 and volunteer to serve in the united states military you are a man. if you kill many people and injure almost 200 you are a terrorist. >> so my one more thing today if you stick around are tweets. >> where are we going? >> i think we will be here. >> tweets from him and it is amazing what he said. >> that's what you call a tease.
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let me see if i can follow that. up next, why are people sympathizing with the terrorists? greg has that. he has had coffee. don't miss it.
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>> after every terror attack each motive shall be discussed, but one. it is the terror that dares not speak its name. actually it does speak. our media won't hear it. we explore the pain of the poor thugs which could be why some have movies made by robert redford and other tenure. what do hacks do when they are wrong about terror? they cling to relativism. muslim extremism is the same as any other extremism. to make it stick you have to
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suck at math. muslim versus christian extremism is not apples to apples. it is preparing hurricane katrina to extremism. it is a detached response to evil. let's focus on the turmoil of the bombers and not the real turmoil they caused. this head shrinking only benefits the killer while while helping the craving for copycats and draws outcome passion for victims. we spend less time trying to stop evil and more time trying to understand it. we become the clarissa to their hannible. our obsession with their death makes them more appealing. a lot of people don't fit in and still don't blow people up. we don't wage jay hoed when we are sad -- jihad when we are sad. a chump placed a bomb near a child. why will not change that fact. so what if we made a pact not to discuss these idiots or show their stupid faces.
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enough egging on these creeps they try to inform us, but they are diluting our condemnation of horror. amanda palmer wrote a love poem to the terrorists in assisted of the victims. what a hopeless loser. maybe she will marry the guy. what they are suggesting is far worse that a life of obscurity is inferior to a life of infamy and that terror is a lifestyle choice. what do you make -- first i have to talk to you, dana. you are a big poetry fan. what did you make of amanda palmer's horrible poem? it is unbelievable. >> i had no idea who she was. i didn't realize she was a singer and song writer. i guess she needed to get her feelings out and she turned to writing. as i read i thought is this really about the terrorists? this is the part i stopped reading if i can quote. this is her poem.
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you don't know how or gas sick is the act of taking in oxygen until they hold your head and the water. it goes on for two pages. feeling sorry for a terrorist that just killed five people and ended up ruining so many lives that are going to have to be rebuilt. it is disgusting. >> it is about her ego. she got a lot of attention doing this poem. i wanted to throw to brokaw from yesterday. >> we have to work a lot harder as a motivation here. what prompts a young man to come to this country and still feel alienated from it and to go back to russia and do whatever he did? we haven't examined that enough. >> eric, why do we examine his feelings? >> he goes on a little later and mentions that maybe it has something to do with his muslim faith which i was shocked to her tom brokaw for saying that. hats off for moving off the nbc script. my problem last night if you watched "60 minutes" last
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night, cbs did everything in their power to humanize this they had a muslim friend of his say oh no he never showed up at mosque. the 19-year-old. they had a girl who wept -- went to high school say i had a crush on him. he was so cute. how can you not love him? i said really is this how you willed dit -- will edit this piece? >> like she a victim. >> absolutely, a victim. >> everybody is a victim though. we are all victims. all terrorists are freedom fighters. what do you make of the root cause argument? you find the big argument which is a muslim supremacy. isn't that all you need? do you have to delve into their psychosis? >> i was still focusing on clarise and hannibal lecter. what brokaw said, we know now. there was enough research done. bottom line in the muslim communities, around the world they do not like us.
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they recruit people from poor areas and they turn them into terrorists. jay -- these guys were not poor. >> they had opportunities and scholarships. >> they do go to gaza and some of the refugee camps and recruit. it is not hard to recruit. the hatred for the united states runs deep. that's back to my point, we have to consider given so many people hate us we have to cutoff muslim students coming to this country for some time so we can absorb what we've got and look at what we've got and decide if some of the people here should be sent home or to prison. >> even on twitter there is a free dzhokhar movement, is that how you say it? people proclaiming his innocence because it is easy on twitter not to come front evil. why are these losers so looserly. >> what can we say? they don't have common sense and don't care about children being murdered and blown up. it is disturbing. they would rather associate and kind of look in love and
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worship of these guys as if they are misunderstood. they are choosing the wrong side and that's the bottom line. >> all of the problems this kid had, i had problems and didn't blowup my neighbor's car. >> what problems did he have this he had a great life. >> there are a group of people who sympathize with the prisoners. they marry them and correspond with them and love them. >> this palmer whatever her name is will no doubt be married to this guy in five years. >> there you go. >> coming up, how will the terror attack impact the gun debate in -- and immigration. that's coming up on" the five."
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♪ the glory nights >> i believe it is time we start to explore the political fallout from the boston
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bombings, two on going debates in washington have been guns and immigration. we will get to immigration in a minute, but the bodies of the victims weren't even buried before the mainstream media tied the gun debate to the terror attack in boston. "meet the press" this weekend they tried to ignite the gun debate bringing it up in a segment titled" terror in boston" made him and the show look small, cheap and desperate. and check out this absurd comment senator dianne feinstein said when asked for the need of guns for protection against bad guys. watch. >> there was a real concern that this fellow might be on the loose, might break into their house, might take hostages. would people like to have guns ? >> some may have, yes. but if where you are going do they need an assault weapon, i don't think so. >> semiautomatic, that is the most popular rifle in america. >> you can use a 12 gauge shotgun and have a good defensive effect. there is the element of surprise. >> well, all due respect to
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you, senator feinstein i would like my kimber semiautomatic than on my hip when terror is knocking on my door. your thoughts? >> i am traumatized by the feinstein on your hip thing. but i like the kimber choice especially with what happened. people on both sides will be using it, both sides of the lobby to try and push forward their agenda. on a quick note, the two brothers didn't have permits. they obtained these guns illegally. so where there is a will, there is a way. you can't blame it on the weapons. that's ignorant and not protecting anybody. it is not saving lives. >> bob, is there any reason to bring the gun debate up in context with boston? >> the gun debate is over. your side won. it is simple as that. it is not going anywhere. there is no ban on assault weapon or clips. we don't background check. it is over. >> state to state. >> not for massachusetts. >> and not for nbc over the weekend. within 30 minutes of "meet the
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press" terror in boston and they start talking about background checks. >> on the conservative side too, immediately on twitter a manhunt was on going and you saw a lot of people saying i bet they wish they had guns in boston today, right? it is not a sophisticated political argument, but it is the basis of the argument which is the guns are not killing people. people are killing people. you want the guns to protect yourself, and what are you going to do, ban pressure cookers from being sold? >> it gets down to that logic for people, and that's why the political debate is tougher for them. >> i think you need -- you need to let the people of boston decide how they feel about this. they do have strict gun control. it seems to me that in times like this gun control turns its citizens to sitting ducks in an era of soft targets. you have to become a hard ass. >> is anyone concerned about where they got the money to get all of this? take the investigation and follow the money. >> follow the money.
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>> love that line, kimberly. now moving to immigration. the question, will the immigration debate be affected by the terror attack in boston or stated differently, should the boston bomb attack have any influence whatsoever on american immigration policy? your thoughts, greg? >> i don't know. i don't believe in making laws from a crisis. the democrats did that with newton and they came up with a lousy bill. it is almost comparable to that. i don't know if this applies to immigration. i get a little scared when people do that. >> thoughts? >> it will have an impact on both sides. if you oppose the gang of 8 bill or supported it, you could actually take some of the arguments out of boston and apply them to the bill. one of the things in the bill they are probably going to have to fix is it allowed for an easier immigration status from chef chechnya to the united states. that's something they wrote on sunday night that was in the bill they released monday morning.
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i think they needed to be changed. >> let's cutoff the muslims. >> i think it will help the immigration bill for the following reason. they do get harder on people who committed crimes or people that are potentially a threat to the united states. that will be helpful. secondly, the immigration issue here resolves around those who are here now. and i think if we get that 11 million people or what you can call it decided, then i think we need to take time to breathe. that's when you say enough is enough. we are not going to have more people coming in here. i started with the muslims and can extend it to the chinese, but i won't. >> but if you jumped the fence and are there illegally, you are cool. >> if you jump the fence and are here illegally and got hereafter 2011 then you are sent back home. that's the same way you should do it here. it is far more comprehensive than the immigration policy we have had. >> are they on the left who are trying to push the bill through, are they using a terror attack to get their
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legislation through quickly? >> but it is not going to help. if anything let's look at people who have overstayed their visa and let's tighten up the border. we are giving scholarships and finding a beautiful american dream and thinking of ways to blow us right out of "inspire magazine." >> if you oppose the bill and want it stronger on national security grounds you can use it. if you think this bill is going to get done, they could use that opportunity to make that point, and it could strengthen the bill on that side and maybe appeal more to more conservatives. >> i like that idea. >> we will leave it there. up next, new developments in the explosive trial of the doctor accused of murdering seven babies and a mom. now it is the doctor evil's turn. will he take the stand? kg has been following this trial and she will bring us up to speed next. >> ♪ in your eyes ♪ the light the heat ♪ i am complete ♪ i see the doorway ♪ of a thousand churches
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>> ♪ that's just the way it is ♪ some things will never change ♪ >> it is week six in the murder trial of philadelphia doctor oznow. he is accused of killing seven babies and the death of one adult patient. the defense is about to begin its case. one burning question is whether gosnell will be called to testify. here is gosnell defending his medical practice in 2010. >> i know that i have done my very best to provide the very best of responsive care to my patients. if you are not making mistakes you are not attempting to do something. so i think my patients are aware i do my very best by them. the standard i share with everyone and i frequently say that i provide the same care i would want my daughter to receive. >> unbelievable.
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>> i mean let me tell you something, it is nothing short of a sickening and appalling having been in that courtroom. for him to say this and knowing what he has been accused of and the evidence is there for 31 years of this practice, eric, it is shocking. >> a despicable man. he could be worst -- the most evil human being that has walked the earth. he is being charged in the murder of seven babies and a mom. who knows how many he really killed. >> right. >> earlier on fox i saw someone, a pregnant woman who went to see dr. gosnell who when she heard the heartbeat of the fetus and she said she shea didn't want to do it anymore. he be rated her and sedated her and when she woke up she was not pregnant anymore. >> i'm not sure it is the most evil in the world, but -- >> challenging the devil for a job basically. >> i wonder whether it makes sense.
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does it make sense he is antarctic lat guy and -- an articulate guy and it saves him from the death penalty? >> there is a tremendous wealth of evidence against him and i don't know how he will be able to talk his way out of it. one of the witnesses that the prosecution ebdzed with -- ended with is very powerful. she personally saw 10 babies born alive taking breaths. that's viability right there. those are just the 10 she personally saw. this is over a period of 30 years. i also saw the medical examiner on the stand testifying and going through all of the numbers of cases and the pictures and just the things and they had a janitor testify about problems they were having. my question is what were the city fishes doing? the city officials doing in philadelphia that they were not doing examinations of this place. this individual was held in high esteem in the community, and he seemed to have gotten a pass. >> hannibal lecter was articulate too. >> he was fictional. >> no, he wasn't.
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>> what do these kids have to be like, these babies have to be like for a hollywood celebrity to do a public service announcement? it does qualify as bullying, and they are anti-bullying and always doing public service announcements for bullying. i think this qualifies as bullying a baby, when a baby is born and you kill it. i would just like to see them prioritize evil in the world. a child can't grow up to be bullied if they are murdered on a table. >> i believe that we as citizens have a responsibility to protect life, innocent life. in the terror attack we are talking about innocent people who are killed by evil. i see this as the same thing. talk about a failure to women and to their children and to the fathers of the children. i wonder, kimberly, this is a legal question i have been asking over the past week, and
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i am not suggesting this needs to change, but why in a case like this would a woman who sought his services after seven or eight months of prg nen see, why is she not charged as well? >> one of the women, the adult patients had died. then there is an issue as to whether or not they knew how far along they were. you rely on the doctor. you go in and have the ultrasound and they combine that with questions they ask you and a physical examination. so how far along were they told they were? some of these babies it was 28 weeks. this is somebody who is like very visibly pregnant and showing and viable baby. you can take the baby home essentially speaking. instead of giving the baby up for adoption or doing something, the people went to this butcher. >> and there are so many people that want to adopt. adopting in america is so much more difficult. this should ren inker. >> the ability to adopt without making it a year's long struggle. there are so many wonderful parents in america.
2:43 pm
i plead with everybody involved in adoption services to take a look at this case and use it as a reason to reenvigorate efforts. >> let somebody else give your baby love if you are not able to care for your child. they will think highly of you if you choose to give your baby life to another family that can love and support it. they did prosecute uh few of the individuals that worked at this clinic that provided testimony. there are repercussions like there should be. the point is to stop any other clinic operating illegally. this was outside the law. coming up, it is one of bob's favorite days of the year. it is earth day. he can't wait to tell us how he is celebrating mother earth. that's next on "the five." >> ♪ i drove all night sthoat. ♪ -- ♪ i drove all night ♪ and crept in your room
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>> ♪ we can't go on together ♪ with suspicious ties >> well maybe for a more upbeat story. it has been a tough day. happy earth day. today is the 43rd anniversary
2:48 pm
and more than one billion people around the world are monitoring, taking care of mother earth. >> honoring. >> honoring mother earth. i couldn't read it. my eyes are bad. certainly my colleagues are among them. eric when he talked about this, he was going to be running his car all day and run the air conditioner with the windows open. >> we were running air on top, heat on the bottom so the heat rises and makes the air conditioning runs. we drove in using jack rabbit starts. on the way home jack rabbit starts and come up to the light and stop real hard and then when i get home i will turn on my 50 thus btu grill -- btu grill. >> are you getting troubling tweets? >> no. >> from what? >> suffice it to say, the earth day thing -- >> it is not ridiculous. it was a good idea when it started and a better idea now. we have an honest disagreement and i will not call you names or anything else.
2:49 pm
we have an honest disagreement. i happen to think global warming , next to the chinese, the single biggest threat to the united states and to the world and i think something needs to be done. the mass number of scientists disagree. what are you doing to celebrate earth day, day pho? >> this morning i flew from athens, gorming george and because of the obama administration's flight delays, the obama flight delay we left the gate and then told because of the sequester we were going to sit on the tarmac for an hour and a half delay before we could leave. but they would keep the engines running. so basically i celebrated earth day by putting a lot more greenhouse gases into the air on the airplane. it was great. >> you should send hate mail to the republicans who keep it tied down. >> i celebrated by changing the name to fact day. that's when i list the facts about the environment. for example, if you want to talk about global warming there has been a pause in
2:50 pm
global warming over 15 years. that's why they changed it to measuring global warming in countries which is a contridiction. it is no longer global warming if you are just measuring the warming in the united states. oddly enough, carbon measurements have gone down and the temperature went up. there is no link between man made global warming or the measurements are flawed. lastly and the most important thing global warming is an idle curiosity of the rich. there are millions of people all over the world who have no access to coal and die from burning impure fuels like dung. they would have to have our coal. we are ignoring it. it is a fact. that's how people die. anyway. >> dung day. >> you are going to celebrate earth day, right? >> i always associate earth with like mother earth and i am a mom. i like the plan feet earth. i -- i like the planet earth. i would rather be here than mars for example. >> you are a marsist.
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>> i will not hate on planet earth or earth day. but i disagree with the hysteria with the climate change. >> in 1970 one of the predictions made on the first earth day was that it was already too late to avoid mass starvation. another one was at the rate of president nitrogen build up it is only a matter of time before light will be filtered out of the atmosphere and none of the land will be usable. and -- let's say one thing about capitalism. it works to help improve environmental protection. one of the reasons we are able to have better diesel engines is because they figured out the technology to strip out the pollution. but they are still able to be productive. >> i certainly disprove of the starvation issue by myself. >> you have been losing weight. you look good. >> thank you. >> he is reducing his carbon footprint. >> this is where i just have a difficult time thinking any other way than we are doing
2:52 pm
damage here. you can't have billions of people sending all of this stuff up into the atmosphere overall of these years and not have some consequence. i happen to believe the consequence is negative. how long-term it is whether it is solvable, i don't know. >> do you have any proof? any data or anything? >> he doesn't need it. >> it is my own instinct. mine and 99% of the climate scientists. >> that's not true. >> there are a lot of other things that contribute to carbon in the atmosphere. one is burning unclean fuel. >> methane, bob. >> let's try to find out what the percentage is. >> they are admitting that the data has been inaccurate and that's why they are changing the terms now to talk about climate. >> and now we are in a cooling phase for the past 10 years. that puts a wrinkle into it. >> this whole thing is dead. >> it is not dead. >> that's why i need my hot tub. >> where are you when we need you? >> one more thing is up next.
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>> time now for one more thing. down her little -- you see, i'm saving it and -- okay. let's go for some prince harry. i love greg, so negative. >> i just know i'm not going to get. >> kimberly: yes, you are. we are going to show what he has to say about london. it's very moving. please play it. >> the way that boston has dealt with it has been absolutely remarkable. never going to get anyone down here. the great thing about the marathon is no matter what color you are, religion or nationality you are, everyone comes together and, you know, to run a
2:58 pm
certain amount of distance to raise money for amazing causing. i think that you can never take away from people. >> kimberly: anyway, it was he was refer together boston bombing and the marathon and the runners in london and handed out the medals. >> speaking of very nice, bob? >> i will change my one more thing before i get complaints. let me make something clear about muslim and chinese students. first, i recognize a chinese student died in boston and it i realize chinese student died boston is a tragedy. i think anyone that is here to finish education it is now time for us to take a pause and breath and hard look at the future of immigration of students. and, therefore, i think that we ought to be very selective n allowing any muslim or chinese students in here. they are brought here, taught computers, go back home and hack us. >> you promised us something earlier. >> eric: i went back to the terrorist twitter account j underscore tsar in march he talks about regular things. girls, partying, soccer.
2:59 pm
september 6th he puts his own cell phone number on there. game of throwns. walking dead, breaking bad. the pictures on his twitter account were all with his car. a couple of friends, his cat. the question we need to find out is what took a regular teenager and turned him into a terrorist? that will be very important. >> and what is your name? greg? >> i want to bring up remember last wednesday there was a tragic explosion in west texas. the number of dead stands at 14 with 200 injured. we should remember these poor folks and things about them instead of the scruffy scum bag bomb -- bomber who should be skinked alive. >> he should attend after the bush library opening which is good and important. >> mine is obama flight delays go to twitter hash tag, if are you a business traveler and want to make the deal and siting on the tarmac go to obama flight delays and you can find out more. they put out things about how they could have done i